Advice to support you find healthy foods when travelling

One of the main complaints we hear is that the food we eat outside on the way is not healthy. That may be true, and there are healthier alternatives.
I am eating a healthy diet while away from home can present unique challenges.

If you have time to spend away from home or plan a car trip, here are some healthy options you can keep on hand.

How to get healthy food during the trip?

Regardless of how you travel, your family can eat healthy with these simple options:

*Whole or dried fruit.
*Frozen, dried vegetables.
*Nuts (pre-packaged snack size bags).
*Nut butter (great for travel packaging aircraft).
*Whole grain pretzels, crackers, and breadsticks.
*Trail mix.
*Snack bar.

Do you need to be careful about healthy food if you take children on travel?

You need food they will eat, which will keep them well-nourished and healthy while travelling. Hungry kids are grumpy kids. Even your picky eater, toddler, or baby will be able to find food they like to eat with a bit of know-how. And the trip does not require a full meal; some instant snacks should cover you. Even if you do not think you need them, you should take them with you. You never know when you might stick in a traffic jam. Snack bars, trail mix, dried cereals, pretzels, half of the peanut butter, and a jelly sandwich are good options that do not require refrigeration.

What healthy foods can you take with you on the plane?

Baby food, bread, candy, cereals, cheese, chocolate, coffee grounds, cooked meats, cookies, crackers, dried fruits, fresh eggs, meat, seafood and vegetables, frozen foods, pizza, sandwiches
Eat as many healthy foods as possible when eating out. Choose options filled with a mixture of protein, healthy fats, and vegetables (such as grilled Baja prawn salad with romaine, shredded red onion, fresh palm heart, fennel, sweet tomatoes, and avocado side dressing). Change the diet to make the food a little healthier, asking for it to cook without cheese or your protein oil/butter.

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