Amazing cities you’ve never seen before, abandoned by humans

The world is full of dangerous and abandoned places. Their walls’ sheer solitude and history make these abandoned places an exciting visit. If you’re someone who enjoys disturbing the privacy of ghosts in an abandoned building, you might want to visit these spooky spots.

Whether the impact of nuclear disaster, war or decline, or perhaps the collapse of an industry or empire, cities around the world—from the Far East to North America—have been abandoned practically overnight. In several cases, failed ventures to create a glittering real estate development resulted in a blank canvas empty of population. While to understand these antique cities is to comprehend our global record. Some of them feature the bodies of abandoned buildings; raw, unadorned landscapes; and a lack of people.

Here are some fantastic places you must visit, left behind by the man himself for various reasons.

All photo credit goes to FB.

Chicken Mosque “Gereja Ayam” (Magelang, Java/ Indonesia)
Dhanushkodi – A Ghost Town in Southern India
San Zhi Houses, Taiwan
Rummu Prison, Estonia
The Maunsell Sea Forts, England
Kolmanskop, Namibia
Łapalice Castle, Poland
Nicosia International Airport, Cyprus
Varosha Beach Resort, Famagusta, Cyprus
Ruby, Arizona, is an abandoned mining town
Hashima Island, Japan
Oradour-sur-Glane, France
Vorkuta, Russia
Bodie, California
Craco, Italy
Texola, Oklahoma
Tawergha, Libya
Centralia, Pennsylvania
Cody, British Columbia
North Brother Island, New York
Wittenoom, Western Australia

All photo credit goes to FB.

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