Cosmetics and Top Clothes: Mixing for Beauty!

Ready for the 2021 promise? Remember, makeup, and high heels can think of with some care. Use this advanced makeup to create a beautiful mixture. You purchased your clothes, shoes, jewellery, and handbag. That is life to you to choose whether you need to style your hair or go to a beautician. Now you need to determine if you’re going to do your makeup or do it professionally.

With 2021 high fashion, it’s about style, and makeup is part of that fashion statement.

If you do not like makeup, you will want to wear a small size for your promise. Makeup will take out your features and cover up those unwanted scars.

If you have decided to do your makeup, do your makeup before you do your makeup. That is a precaution to protect your clothes from any drips or leaks that may occur while doing your makeup.

There are many tips for makeup that can take your natural beauty out.

Base and convection

The first step in makeup is to choose the perfect foundation. That does by matching the makeup with your skin tone and colour. Always make sure that the makeup is well blended and that there are no foundation lines around the neck. For any visible scars or dark circles under the eyes, a concealer can use. Lightly coat it and mix well with the foundation.

Eye makeup

Once you have activated your foundation, your eyes are the following significant action. You do not require your eye shadow to match the colour of your high heels, but you do like to compliment the dress.

You will use a light shade or foot colour from the lash line to the forehead to highlight your eyes. Use a dark shadow from the middle to the outer edge along the top lace line as a contour, then back along with the layer.

Including an eyeliner pencil, draw a particular line up the first lace line from the inside to the outside edge. Then, draw a line under your lower strokes from the outside to the inside edge.

Mascara adds a finishing touch to your eyes. Keep the brush vertically to stroke your lower strokes. Then, roll the brush upside down for your moustache, move forward, and then rub the brush upwards.


You may require to attach a light cheek colour to make people think you have a natural glow. To apply this, you can use a cheek colour brush, making it easier to mix.


You can cover your lips with a pencil and fill them with cream lipstick. That will give definition and shape to your lips. Glossy lipstick can use for that attractive look.


Finally, after applying all your makeup, dust your face with a light powder using light downstrokes. That can be applied using a powder brush.

Body makeup

You may want to experiment with body makeup to highlight your high heels. That is glitter powder or gel that can apply to your hands and shoulders, and you will look under the stars.

Only one tip: do not use any of your friend’s makeup (especially eye makeup). It has been opened and used because bacteria can be present in the makeup. That can cause eye infections or pink eyes. If you do your makeup professionally, take your lipstick with you.

This makeup can also be used for formal wear, coming home gowns, and other occasions where you can wear a quinceanera gown. You can mix makeup and high heels to bring out your beauty for your special evening!

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