Excellent foaming honey foot care and bath at home

I think I can tell you in length how tired your legs and feet are after your busy day. When was the last time you got treatment for a day at Spa? Even if you have the time, you can often afford a simple, relaxing, $ 100 soak for your feet.
Isn’t that good? Soak a light foot in a spa. So I put this simple recipe together so you can soak it with the ingredients you already have at home and whip it immediately.

Step 1.
Make this fantastic foam honey bath at home.
Here is what you need:
One tablespoon honey
One tablespoon liquid soap (I used dish soap)
One teaspoon vanilla extract
Two tablespoons sweet almond oil
Almond oil is the only thing that seems hard to find, but my wife and I found it at the chain drug store on the corner of our street. Look at the beauty/beauty interface.
Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl and prepare it for your foot bath. Note: If you want to make a large volume of this material for water storage, you can add raw material to all of these:
Cup darling
Cups of liquid soap (I used dish soap)
One tablespoon vanilla essence
1 cup sugared almond oil
Presently you can save this in a bottle and protect it some time next time.

Step 2.
You take a foot shower.
Those days you can get an elegant, space-age foot bath for around $ 20. They promise to do everything like shock, bubbles, and heat. I haven’t tried it alone, but for $ 20, it wasn’t a bad experiment.
My wife, however, did not want her to volunteer to scrub and massage her.
Wait! Hon., I do not remember that you ever bathed me?
So anything around the house that can swallow your feet above the ankle is functional here. We used disposable aluminum frying pans.
Yes, it was fresh, and the meat not fry.

Step 3.
Fill your foot bath
From step 1, mix in your foot bath and fill with warm water.
Please really pay attention to the water temperature. When this happens, do this by checking the temperature of the water three times with your hands. If you are doing this for a couple, be sure to understand their temperature and taste.
I converse from experience here. I was a little lazy, did not judge the temperature of the water. My wife was a soldier and tried to leave anyway. I can tell by her anger and refusal to refuse to dive into the water more than a finger.
Step 4.

Soak for 10 minutes
Once I knew the temperature of the water accurately, we soaked her feet for 10 minutes. All sorts of good things are happening now in this soaking.

Soap cleanses your feet of all kinds of dirt. I can not explain how much honey does. Here is a short list:
1) Apparently, honey forms hydrogen peroxide. So clean your feet a little more.
2) Honey contains antioxidants. Health news constantly revolves around us getting antioxidants. So without getting all the biologists about me, I guarantee that getting more antioxidants into our skin and our diet is super!
3) Honey is also a terrible joke. All that means is that it produces an excellent moisturizer.
By learning about this foot bath, you can start from the Spa you have at home. So spend 15 minutes tonight and have fun yourself. Those feet will feel very soft, especially in a comfortable pair.

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Photo by Rune Enstad

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