Giving a new twist to fake nails.

Giving a new twist to fake nails is the use of sunscreen. Although further costly, the use of these nails is worth your money. Although they are synthetic, they give a natural look and last longer Compared to cheap synthetic nails.

Sunscreen is an enhanced image of acrylic or artificial nails. It is very different from acrylic nails. When the acrylic nails place on the nail bed, the sunscreen applied in a two-step process. The new white tip place first, and then there are the artificial nails with a natural pink look. Due to its appearance, sunscreen nails are generally similar to a French manual.

There are many advantages to choosing a sunscreen nail polish. First of all, unlike Artificial art nails, this variety only needs to be reapplied once every three weeks. That is a much easier option if you can not invest the time to fill in your artificial nails regularly. Refilling your nails less is also a cheaper option.

Leather tanning should not be a problem when you wear this updated Prosthetic nail. Artificial are acrylic nails, which prosthetic exposed to excessive sunlight, sunscreens do not turn yellow, unlike radiation from tanning salons providing our skin with a more attractive look with pale skin. This nail investment will not go to waste.

The sun also recognized for the state ability of artificial nails. They do not chip as easily as acrylic nails. Because acrylic nails applicable to the nail beds, fake nails break as the nails grow. With sun exposure, you will get long-lasting nails. Additional of sunscreen nails is that they cannot injury your nails.

Since these nails are not as long as acrylic, no matter how long you apply the sunscreen, it will not damage nails. Sunscreen nails have many other advantages, such as a natural shine that nails do not need and a choice of freestyle designs on your newly freestyle nails. So choose wisely, because when beauty is on the line, sun nails will not lower you.

Photo by Laura Chouette

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