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Do you have an impression like Griswold is trying to have the perfect vacation and avoid making mistakes? Everyone faces the challenges of managing time effectively during a busy holiday. We all have to do our everyday activities and shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating, travelling, and so on. Here are 12 ways you can manage your time so you can relax, unwind and be happy during the holidays. adequate

1. Plan ahead: Create a work schedule that makes 1. Practice good self-care: Eat the proper steps and get rest. Also, if you have 10 minutes left, do something special for yourself every day. Do what makes you feel relaxed; Walk, listen to your favourite music, massage, stretch. Extend from time to time and take a deep breath.

2. Everything necessary. Ask yourself: Should I do this now? Would anyone be interested if I didn’t do it? If the answer to either question is ‘yes, then it is a priority. Focus on priorities first, then do less important things.

3. During the holiday season, time demands seem to increase. Set aside some time for yourself to plan how to make the best use of your time. Avoid vacations or private day and night and weekend shopping. Buy holiday stamps in November, avoid long lines at the post office. Cook a great meal on the weekends and reheat the leftovers for a quick dinner at night when you go.

4. Shop Smart: Keep a gift datasheet in your wallet instead of running into endless mistakes and wondering what you want to buy. Make seven strips on a piece of parchment paper to follow.

5. 1) The people you want to shop with, 2) The size they wear, 3) The colours they like, 4) The hobbies and tastes people have 5) The favourite stores, 6) The items they buy, 7) the price. When you buy gifts, fill out columns 5 and 6. It provides you with a feeling of success and keeps time, money and hassle.

6. Strategical season-ensure you can get additional services. For example, Ross-Simons wraps gifts for any merchandise they buy in their stores. If you are not sure what someone wants or wants, buy a gift certificate. Buy through cat catalogues from holiday fundraising markets.

7. One way to overcome and avoid rush is to go shopping all year round. You can take advantage of season-end sales, use a gift datasheet, and store gifts for the upcoming holidays.

8. Do a little each day: Keep an alphabetical list of cards to send, stamps, your address book, and everyone you send holiday cards to. While watching TV, write a few envelopes or stamps during the commercial break. Scan the archives of your gift database and check the store mail. This way, you can have all your cards ready and all purchased by early December.

9. Simplify gift wrapping: You can choose all the paper, bags, bows and ribbons from one colour family. If the form turns, a bubble is tore, or the ribbon break, it can be quickly and easily replaced. When carrying gifts to the party, leave a bag of extra bows and ribbons in the car to spray the package a moment before you arrive.

10. Forget perfection: Don’t stress about trying to get silly images. If you are not a good pastry chef, do not make a ‘perfect pumpkin pie’. Save your time and frustration by choosing groceries from caterers and restaurants.

11. Agent: Do not try to do all that. Do you know who is better at shopping, bakery, wrapping, etc.? Ask these people to help you with tasks, explaining that you do not have enough experience to do it and appreciate their input. You will feel important to them.

12. Help the people you assign. Be willing to share your strengths with others, and their vacation will help reduce stress. If you are a good baker, you can exchange with a friend who has good handwriting that addresses your cards. Look at each other’s children; then you can go shopping peacefully.

13. Explain your intentions: Hoping or wishing for something does not have the same strength as “thinking.” It means that you fully expect the desired result to happen. When you decide what you want to experience and plan how to do it, you can make your vision a reality. Then you can focus on HOW instead of IF. Set clear intentions for this holiday season, namely ‘I’ll finish everything by December 18th so I can relax and have fun for the next two weeks.

14. Smile. Keep a few jokes with you. Watch a comedy, go to comedy shows, or listen to the laughter of others. Laughter is contagious, lowers blood pressure, protects your stomach from ulcers, relieves muscle tension, releases natural painkillers, and boosts your immune system.

15. Learn to say ‘no.’

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Carel Le Roux Roux
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