Massive Outage Strikes Facebook and Instagram: Users Report Widespread Disruptions”

IS Facebook Hacked or what or why your account Logout Read this article carefully.

Today, Facebook and Instagram experienced extensive service disruptions, affecting users across the United States who are part of the Meta ecosystem. Numerous reports surfaced indicating difficulties in accessing accounts on both platforms, alongside issues with FB Messenger and Threads. logged over 125,000 reports of outages by 10:30 a.m. ET.

In this tweet, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), reassures users experiencing the outage on Facebook and Instagram to remain calm. He suggests that the issues will be resolved shortly and advises users to wait patiently for the platforms to come back online.

Users faced a variety of issues, such as unexpected logouts or challenges with password recognition. The problems extended to both mobile apps and desktop websites, with users unable to reset passwords or employ two-factor authentication.

Meta, the parent company overseeing Facebook and Instagram, has yet to issue an official statement clarifying the cause of the outage or providing an estimated timeframe for service restoration.

Concerned users turned to social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), where hashtags like #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown rapidly gained traction. Some users initially feared potential hacking incidents due to the sudden logouts from their accounts.

Earlier, Meta had announced a significant update slated for April 2024, which includes the removal of the Facebook News tab for users in the United States and Australia. While it remains uncertain if this impending change played a role in the current disruptions, Meta reassured users that it wouldn’t affect its other products and services.

In a statement released in February, Meta outlined that the update aligns with ongoing efforts to prioritize features and content most valued by users. This decision stems from a notable decline in users accessing Facebook News, with Meta emphasizing the platform’s core focus on facilitating connections and discovery rather than serving as a news and political content source.

As the outage persists, users eagerly await further updates from Meta regarding the restoration of services on Facebook and Instagram.

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