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Here has forever been some trouble in the private development industry about “finding the balance of life”. Everyone seems to be looking for this “balance of life”,… more importantly, how to achieve it.

Balance of life is different for different people – for some, it may mean a sense of organization, it may feel a sense of freedom. For others, it may be an emotional calm. How do you define life balance? These are the most critical questions.

The first you need to remember is that balance is a state of alignment – energy alignment, emotional alignment. When your emotional resonance coincides with what you want to create, desire and focus on, it is the state of equilibrium that you achieve.

For example –

If you want to have a pleasant and happy relationship with your children, you can not experience balance if you focus your attention on everything they do not like about their actions. To experience balance, you need to align your thoughts and feelings with your desire. What do you love and appreciate about them? Studies of resistance and ideas of convenience – where to be.

Another example –

If you want something more in your life than you think you can achieve, you are not in balance! You have to go on an emotional journey to align your thoughts and emotions with what you like in life.

If you are looking for a million-dollar home, you journeywork emotionally and energetically to line up; you need to redirect your thoughts, feelings, attention to conform to this thought. Substitute thoughts positively with the idea of “anything can be done”!

One more thing – and I’m talking directly with money because it’s such a common “problem” in design. But think, the consequences of not being in balance with cash, expecting more money in your life that will allow your experience to flow.

A little embarrassing, isn’t it? So, for a moment, how to feel aligned with the amount of money you want to create love money, appreciate it and let go of the negative beliefs about it. It moves you somewhere else. That is the place of balance.

So, let’s talk a little more about balancing life. Here are some tips from this perspective.

1. Keep your desires loud and clear. Ask yourself, are my senses tangled in thoughts, beliefs, and emotions? Do I have a negative resonance in my design field? If the answer is yes, reach for the thoughts and feelings that support the joy of your desires.

2. Balance the emotional journey with the active journey. How you feel is more important than what you do. What you think, what you expect, what you expect, what you desire is your emotional journey. What you do is important – but make sure you take an “inspired course of action”… what brought about such a juicy emotional journey!

3. Be aware of your resistance. Take this as a clue to the guidance system you have created that you are not balancing. If you do not, line up to release your resistance by making emotional choices (thoughts and feelings) – or make a choice to change your desires. Do you want something because you want it, or do you think you need it for do you think you need it? Do you want to walk through something? Or does your negative belief system need tweaking? During resembling concentration.

4. When you experience difficulties or changes in your life, use this as an opportunity to get a clearer understanding what you want, your preferences, your desires. Do you settle for less money? not! Use difference as a learning tool and as a source. Ask yourself, Hmm, now how did I attract this and create this in my life? (By the way, this is a compelling place)

5. With that, “get” is not “random”. The balance of life or experience is a period that you create. You don’t accidentally opt for a dangerous career, and you don’t accidentally get into a car accident. You are a magnet, and you live in a fascinating world. Period (Does it feel rough?) It’s a beautiful and beautiful truth. When you start to get into this situation, you will realize how powerful you are.

6. Do not let the needs, circumstances, or emotional balance of others overwhelm you—self-care base on emotional resonance.

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