Do you have a real friend? sure

They say, “A friend with desires is a real friend.” But what happens when that friend starts to take advantage?

Here is the situation: Nicky, a hardworking machine operator, gave her good friend Max; Exactly $ 5000. Max is currently moving to a new city and says he wants two new outfits: one for an upcoming wedding and one to wear to a job interview. Max lived in a beautiful penthouse. He holds a degree in computer science and accustoms to the finer things in life – design labels, frequent trips, and spa weekends. Max told her to pay Nicky back, and Nicky thought nothing of it when she signed a newspaper promising to do so.

A few weeks later, Max tried to beat Nicky for more money; To give him his new home this time. When she told him she could not help him this time, he accused her of being cold and hung up the phone on her. Nicky suddenly realized that she was getting an advantage. Her pain quickly turned to anger. She wanted to know how someone could be so selfless and carefree. If Nicky is too weak to lend another hundred dollars for country furniture, how can he sleep at night knowing that she has her duties to consider?

As women, we have an innate desire to nurture whenever we can. Many of us have learned the problematic method by which we must always maintain our security when misled or take advantage of it. It is a common opinion that a woman who is interested in lending money to a man suffers from innocence, despair, or weak self-esteem. But in this case, it’s not a loan, a gift, a friendship, a romance.

We all know how risky it is to lend money to a sex friend, either. Some of us decide to give the lender the benefit of the doubt because we think they know and trust. Some of us are careful to take precautions to commit debt legally. The bottom line here is that a woman who lends money to a man should stop stereotyping and pointing fingers. We need to take a closer look at the character of anyone who seeks to take advantage of a friend’s generosity.

Nicky lost respect for him and sympathy for Max, and their so-called friendship deteriorated. The fact is that no one can respect a man who fails to respect others. When he does self-service and manoeuvrability, his honesty, respect, and honesty are all questioned.

They say, “What we absorb, not what we eat, strengthens us; what we protect, not what we get, enriches us; we learn what we remember, not what we examine; what we practice, not what we declare; Provide des honesty.

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