Yoga Help You Have Better Sex

Can Yoga Help You Have Better Sex?

If so, you can start guessing for yourself about new ways to experiment in the bedroom. Of course, trying new things will prove successful, but did you know a more accessible and lighter approach you can take? It exists, and that approach is called yoga. So yoga and sex? If you are wondering what a […]

Exercises to train

Exercises to train your strength with some yoga

Many people who think about strength training equipment think about the vast muscles that most bodybuilders get and show off in competitions. It can be good or bad for many consumers. The average consumer wants to feel good about himself when he goes swimming, but Many suffer from overactive muscles and stereotypes. It is not

reconciling the mind with the body

Ceilings about reconciling the mind with the body

Through meditation, yoga works prominently to achieve harmony and helps the mind sync with the body. Yet, whereby several points do we notice that we cannot perform our activities satisfactorily and adequately because the confusion and conflict of our minds are so heavy on us? Stress is the number one culprit affecting all parts of

Yoga for Women: Exercise

Yoga for busy schedule Women

Warrior III pose: Start with the hips narrowly apart, the big toes touching, the legs straight, the chest raised, and the pelvis starting from a central position. Put your palms on your hips and impel your right toes back so that your right toes touch the floor and your body weight is on your left foot.

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