There Are No Second Helpings In Life You have only one life.

It’s so simple to put your career on hold until you lose weight. It’s simple To reply, “I’ll arrange that once I’ve wasted several pounds” or “I couldn’t prepare that. I’m also overweight”.

However, you only own one life – there are no second helpings since you owe it to yourself to be your life today and live it to the full.

Going for whatever you want now, rather than waiting until you are slim, can even help you lose weight.

How so?

1.It distracts you from eating

If you’re busy working to achieve something, it keeps your mind occupied with activities other than food.

Should you ever engage in an activity where you so absorb you forgot to eat? People who live their lives following their passions and going for their goals have many more of those moments. It’s called “being in the flow state,” and inflow, your thoughts are on anything but food!

You know how it is when you’re trying to lose weight – you feel hungry just because you’re thinking about food all the time – what you can and can’t eat, what you should and shouldn’t have eaten at your last mealtime. If you have other things to keep your mind occupied, something you’re 100% involved in, all be able to stick to your weight loss program more efficiently.

2. It prevents self-sabotage

If you’re just a tiny bit scared that you are not cut been out to achieve anything you need to succeed in life, you may be using your weight as a form of protection. And you’ll sabotage your weight loss efforts at every turn to keep those pounds so that you don’t set yourself in the situation of trying and failing. Your weight is an excuse to keep yourself within your comfort zone. It helps to justify sticking with what you used to and what you know.

If you recognize this in yourself, take just tiny steps towards your goal every day, small steps that don’t seem difficult at all. You’ll build your success little by little and gradually lose your fear and your weight.

Start going for your goals, and what could be more satisfying? You’ll be losing weight and having a great time too. Life is not all about the number on the scales, and your attempts to shift that dial don’t have to be all-consuming.

You have one life, so let for whatever it is you require!

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