To refresh your sex life.

If you think that your sex life has grown into a different habit, sexologists advise you to change your thinking. Focus not only on actual intercourse but also on intimacy because these are other things. You can not expect your partner’s desire to remain the same as when you started your relationship without making any effort to keep it high. Sexual intercourse can enhance by creating romantic feelings between the two in their daily routine.

Some people complain that they know every inch of their partner’s body because they have not had an open conversation about sex with their partner for years. That is due to the lack of communication between them.

You should regularly hold in mind that communication is necessary to your sex life as your knowledge of your partner’s sexuality needs to be constantly updated. Our sexuality does not remain the same. It is different. Never stop asking about your partner’s sexual fantasies because you can quickly know that you have no idea about your boyfriend’s needs and desires.

Problems with sex life

Many of the problems in their sex life are characteristic of modern businesswomen. After a hard day’s work, they ignore their partners, and their sex life does not take precedence on their list of priorities, which is entirely wrong. Another misconception is that only having sex every day can keep your emotions fresh and help maintain sexual interest in each other. But it is not the size but the emotional openness of the two partners that can protect your sexual desire.

Talk to your partner about your feelings, about the happy days you had together in the past. When you are in a longtime relationship, you need to surprise your partner from time to time. Remember the joke that this man has been married for a long time and likes to have sex with his proper body. Wondering why? It’s a much easier place to watch TV and have sex at the same time. Therefore, never let the process of love racket you. They assassinate lust.

Enriching sex life

Support each other for a change. For example, you can buy two tiny underwear of this size, which will cause your partner to lose a few pounds. The primary rule here is not to keep your dissatisfaction inside. Share your complaints with your partner. If you do not, the situation will get worse. You must use all your skills to enrich your sex life.

It will activate your imagination, creativity, all media, and resources. The more – the better. And don’t forget about sexy underwear. Playing a role is an excellent way to refresh your sex life by avoiding daily activities. Today, you can play as a secretary and become a schoolgirl or a sexy nurse tomorrow. Change every day, spend your sex life refreshed without ever letting it become a routine task.

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Carel Le Roux Roux
Carel Le Roux Roux
Professor Carel le Roux is an award-winning specialist in metabolic medicine and is recognized as a leading expert in metabolism and obesity. His areas of expertise include type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular risk and metabolic disorders. Professor le Roux holds clinics in Dublin, Ireland and practices regularly at King's College Hospital Guthrie Clinic, London.

He has published numerous high-impact papers over the years and has also been able to take up a variety of editorial positions in peer-reviewed journals.

Professor le Roux established a successful independent research group and his research in the understanding of the physiological role and pathological changes in appetite control has been widely acknowledged for his analysis in this area.

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