Travel Guide to European Countries: Spain

About the country

Spain is world-famous for its flamenco dancers and bullfights. The architecture reflects the Moroccan style. Cave paintings, Renaissance Cathedral, and Moorish Palace attest to the diversity of the country. Summer is hot, but spring, autumn and early summer are delightful here.


Spanish is the regional language of Spain. English is also widely spoken here. Over time, Spain has become more modern and traditional to jelly Spanish people with changing times. But it has not changed the values, traditions, customs and traditions of the area’s people. People here have two surnames; That first name can be used to identify the person.

To approach someone, a handshake accomplishes that task. Carry a small gift with you when you visit someone’s home. Save flowers for special occasions. Dinner usually serves at night. People often wear casual clothes. Men expect to wear jackets at some restaurants. Swimwear should be limited to pools and beaches. Smoking in public places has recently been banners.


The shops are open most of the time in the morning and are available in the evening. During the day, they are closed for lunch or siesta. Porcelain and leather goods are popular and will be great gifts for friends and family at home. Knocking is a matter of gratitude as bills have to play along with service charges.


That voltage is 220 volts, and the incidence is 50 Hz

Getting there

Iberia is the state airline of Spain. Many other low-cost airlines operate in the country. Spain has nearly thirty foreign airports, including Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Alicante and Malaga.

Located 13 km from the city, Madrid has an excellent 15-minute bus service. Underground service is also in operation to transport passengers to their destinations. Other facilities offered at the airport include duty-free shops, banks, restaurants, travel information and hotel reservations.

That is close to the town of Barcelona and is only 3 km away. Buses are possible all 15 minutes and trains every 20 minutes. Taxis are available throughout the day. You can find duty free shops, restaurants, banks, car rentals and travel information here.

Spain has a good road network connecting north to south. Toll centres are setups in some parts of the island. Carrying a few euros will help smooth out the craft at toll booths. It is better to drive someone’s private vehicle if travel insurance also covers medical expenses. Carrying a medical kit may be of some help.

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