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Warrior III pose: Start with the hips narrowly apart, the big toes touching, the legs straight, the chest raised, and the pelvis starting from a central position. Put your palms on your hips and impel your right toes back so that your right toes touch the floor and your body weight is on your left foot.

Extend your right leg in a straight line as your hips begin to lean forward. Balance the day of your group, from your right heel to the toes; continuously, your toes are parallel to the floor above the left leg. Distribute your weight evenly across the inner and outer heels at waist level. Start with five breathing cycles and continue until 15.

Raise your finger and return to the mountain posture; Repeat on the other side.


Start with your arms and knees, hands straight under the shoulders, knees below the hips. Move the back of the foot until the legs are straight, and you balance your toes with the toes together. Pull the shoulders back and down and keep the arms straight. That is a wooden posture.

Squeeze the ankles together, roll to the outer edge of the left foot, bend the legs, and keep the legs straight. Ask you are right hand towards those ceiling and look at it. Do not hold your body tightly and allow your body to support you. Then turn right down, turn right, and go back to the wooden posture. Repeat on the other side. Hold each pose for five breathing cycles.

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