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Honeymoon excess; All-inclusive fun at your honeymoon destinations

It’s the ultimate honeymoon fantasy — luxury, style and comfort. These are what you call honeymoon all-inclusive. Such packages make by many famous resorts and honeymoon destinations around the world.

The package includes everything – from food to transportation to taxes and services, from reception cocktails to trips, to the use of tennis courts and equipment to body massage.

If you have the money, resources, and, yes, the dream of spending a week honeymoon with your loved one, doing nothing but spending it in luxury and comfort, this is the way to go!

Are you trying to spend a Jamaican honeymoon? Choose an all-inclusive honeymoon package in sunny Jamaica. Suitable accommodation over the Caribbean Sea, with delicious dinner and afternoon tea. From yoga to sunsets, you can choose from various activities such as kayaking, sun fishing and snooker.

The Sandals White House is an all-inclusive resort that is a must-see. That means one hour and fifteen minutes from Sangster International Airport in the Gulf of Montego. Gloating Dutch, Italian and French architecture, the resort consists of three European-style villages. There are four swimming pools, nature trails, a spa and a fitness centre.

There is also a traditional plaza to explore with restaurants serving Italian, Caribbean and Asian food. All rooms have a Jacuzzi and a tiny bar. The complete package includes food, snacks, drinks, tips, water sports, land sports, and scuba diving.

If you plan to explore Mexico for your honeymoon, there are sets on the El Dorado beach in the Riviera Maya. El Dorado Beach, an adult-only resort, is listed by Forbes Magazine as the most romantic hotel.

These rooms Spa Spanish Col boast colonial-style elegance and spacious rooms and ocean views. Guests can choose from a candle-lit atmosphere and waves and sound from the La Cart menu, which offers Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisine.

Honeymooners can visit the Maya-themed Eccart Eco Park, 20 minutes away from the resort. There are archaeological ruins, butterfly caves and tropical birds and dolphins to exploring. They can take a daily trip to Isla Mujeres and explore the islands.

If you think about sun, sand, beach and fire, go to Kona Village Resort in Hawaii. Once a fishing town, the Kona Village Resort is home to 125 Polynesian-roofed shanties. Here’s the catch: TVs, radios, room phones, no door locks — peace and tranquillity and yes, you two.

You can enjoy tennis, sunfish, kayaking and snooker. If you would like to engage in any craft activity, join their woodworking, coconut leaf handicrafts and Hawaiian textile-making activities. Don’t forget to explore Hawaii Volcanoes in Hawaii National Park. Honeymooners can walk around the Kilawaya Caldera border.

SuperClubs in Jamaica, the Bahamas, Brazil, Cuba and the Dominican Republic offer super, all-inclusive holiday packages. It covers accommodation, food and midnight drinks, drinks, relaxation, land and water sports, plus hotel taxes and airport transfers. Couples who stay six nights even get a free additional night!

When choosing all-inclusive honeymoon destinations, keep in mind that most of them are in the Caribbean. Learn the packages and choose the one that gives you the privacy you need if you do not want children and families.

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